Introducing Shahed Group

Shahed is one of the successful companies in Tehran Stock market which has been established in year 1363 in joint stock to supply the economic future of esteemed children of martyrs.

In year 1384 it changed in to public corporation and joined Tehran stock  Exchange .The company's capital was 410,000 Million Rls which has been changed in to 1,806,632 Million Rls by now .

Shahed has a vast activity in fields of Real Estate , business ,fuel ,energy and capital market  . A separate holding company and its subtracting companies are responsible to manage each field.

Main share holders are shahed deposit institute , Day Bank and other main share holders are oil investment Retirement pension fund , Sepah Investment Company , Iran Insurance stock company , Sobhan Investment Company and National Iranian Oil company savings retirement funds.

Activities and facilities

  • Exporting Various Oil Products
  • Transiting Heavy & Light crude Oil Products
  • Oil SWAP operations ( SWAP )
  • Fueling Operations ( Fueling to Ship )
  • Storage and saving oil products in two sites with capacity of 81000 Tons

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