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1994 Hormoz Energy Co. Top Ranking
Tehran, Ahmad Qaseer St., 1st St., No. 12, 3rd floor +982188530158-59
Hormoz Energy Company is a subsidiary of Shahed Co., whose shareholders are the darling wives and children of the martyrs. The company has been operating in the field of trade, transit and export of light and heavy petroleum products since 1993 and owns 2 storage sites for various petroleum products with a total capacity of 82,000 cubic meters, including 41,000 cubic meters called STC site. Located in the Persian Gulf special shipyard economic zone (including 2 reservoirs of 15000 and a reservoir of 5000 and 2 reservoirs of 3000 cubic meters as well as an office and operations building, a guard, a warehouse and a work shop) and 41000 cubic meters called the coastal traffic site located at Shahid Rajaei pier (including: two 1500, one 5000 (floating roof) and two 3000 cubic meter tanks and there is also the office and operations building, a guard, a warehouse and a repair shop), Storage and unloading the fuel from tankers to the reservoirs and shooting it to the ship is possible at both sites. In order to enjoy the legal facilities, the main office of this company has been registered in the special economic zone of Shahid Rajaei port complex in Bandar Abbas.
About Us
1994 Trade, Transit And Export
17025 ISO Certification
About Us
Also, in the years 2007 to 2012, the company was active in the field of oil swap contracts, which due to the restrictions and policies of the Ministry of Oil in the year 2012 and the following years, this activity has become non-operational. It proudly announces that in the year 2021, the company has succeeded in obtaining a Bunkering license, and is taking the necessary measures needed for this field of activity. The company currently working on a project to build a head office and the project to do major repairs and overhaul of Bandar Abbas sites. It should be mentioned that Bandar Abbas coastal traffic site located in Shahid Rajaei port complex has a ISO 17025 certified laboratory. It is also equipped with the latest firefighting system and HSE, and with 14 unloading and loading stations, it has a very high speed in the transportation of petroleum products.
About Us
According to the company's articles of association, it is possible to operate in all upstream and downstream fields of buying, selling and exporting petroleum and petrochemical products, or constructing refinery or petrochemical projects and any other oil field. Bandar Abbas branch of this company tries to provide more appropriate services to customers by fully observing the principles of professional ethics and customer orientation. Based on the latest evaluations and audits performed by the Ports and Maritime Organization, this company has obtained a desirable and very good ranking in the region.
2021 Bunkering License